Many people would say that's the sound of a church service on any typical Sunday morning. Deadly boring... soapy platitudes... hypocritical denunciations... prudish warnings against anything real and deeply pleasurable... ranks of drowsy worshipers putting in their mandatory time in "God's house" before being released once more to life outside the dim stained glass, behind which they comfortably deposit most of their religion until the next weekend.

If that's Christianity, who wants it?

On the contrary, Christianity is a face-to-face reunion with God. Visit our "Eyewitnesses" section to read how Jesus Christ is wonderfully alive and busy in the world today, bringing people to life. As people believe in him and open their hearts and lives to him, they find that he is undeniably real, powerful, and good. Our earnest hope is that you also will become an eyewitness of his majesty.

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Gloria in excelsis Deo!


Join us for a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 6:00 pm on December 24!

Sunday Morning Worship


John Silva Piano Concert April 2

Join us for an evening with classical pianist John Silva on Saturday, April 2, at 7:30 pm. Admission is free.

The Philadelphia-based pianist specializes in solo recitals and is a Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music. He is passionate about the intrinsic sound of the piano; his playing is characterized by a distinctive use of tone and color. His teachers include the renowned pianist Abbey Simon, Jonathan Miles Freeman, and Robert Marler. He is a composer and has written both secular and sacred works for piano, voice, solo instruments, and ensembles. He is also a teacher with a private studio and offers lessons in classical piano, theory, and ear training.

Easter Hymns

Dear Singing Saints:

The Bible says that, as a Christian, you have already shared in Christ’s resurrection from the dead through your faith in him and the resulting union you have with him. This is being born again (John 3), becoming a new creation in him (2 Cor. 4, 5), passing from death into life because you have heard the voice of the Son of God call you from your grave (John 5), being made alive together with Christ (Eph. 2), being alive to God in Jesus Christ—and therefore we should “present ourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life” (Rom. 6:13).

The ultimate way to present yourself to God as alive from the dead is to gather with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day and to invoke Christ as Lord over you. If you do this on Lord’s Day by Lord’s Day, denying your flesh and publicly wearing the hated name “Christian,” confessing him before men, there will come a final Lord’s Day when Christ himself will invoke his own and his Father’s name over his assembled people, whose names are written in heaven, and we shall be saved. Assembling and worshiping Christ now is the best way to know you will share in that assembly and worship forever. It is dress rehearsal for the second coming.

And now for your parts! We will sing the hymns below to the resurrected Christ above:

282 … Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now
268 … Welcome, Happy Morning!
271 … Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem!
(Lord’s Supper) Gloria Patri

Your brother in Jesus,
Pastor Paul

Prepare for February 15 Worship

Dear Singing Saints:

Here are the hymns you will sing together to the Lord on this Lord’s Day:

58 … Splendor of God’s Glory Bright
176 … Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus
92 … A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
473 … Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

O LORD, you have brought up my soul from Sheol; you restored me to life from among those who go down to the pit. 4 Sing praises to the LORD, O you his saints, and give thanks to his holy name. 5 For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning… You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, 12 that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever! [Psalm 30:3-12]

Your servant for the sake of Christ,
Pastor Paul

Prepare for February 1 Worship

Dear Singing Saints:

On Sunday, as we together worship Christ with regenerate hearts, we will sing with one voice the new song that only the redeemed can learn—

And I heard a voice from heaven like the roar of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder. The voice I heard was like the sound of harpists playing on their harps, and they were singing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. Rev 14:2-3 [the 144,000 here represent the totality of the redeemed]

The hymns you will sing with one voice as part of that new song are:

558 … That Man Is Blest
248 … Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended
421 … Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness

Your servant for the sake of Christ,
Pastor Paul

Prepare for November 16 Worship

Dear Worshipers of God Through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit:

On the Lord’s Day you will put into action the true (and too-long) salutation above. Contrary to how we often feel, our worship together on the Lord’s Day offers us the most elevated experience of communion with the Trinity and the brethren possible in this life. It is the fullest preview we have in this age to see the glory of God in Christ as he will be finally glorified in the immediate presence of all his redeemed. It is his day, when Jesus walks among his lampstand-churches and the Spirit speaks to those with ears. It is when the children of God turn their faces unitedly to him to shine increasingly in his likeness, as micro-mirrors of his majesty to one another and all creation. Do you often feel this? Do you embrace it by faith? Do… you… pray… and… prepare… so the Lord may let it be done to you according to your faith… and you may feel the things that are true?

163 … At the Name of Jesus
647 … How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
656 … Jesus, Priceless Treasure
310 … Rejoice, the Lord is King

Your servant for the sake of Christ,
Pastor Paul

Prepare for October 26 Worship

From Pastor Paul to the Singing Saints of God:

Brothers and sisters, below are the hymns we will sing this Lord’s Day, which we have designated a visitors Sunday—just to encourage us to do what should always be our goal—inviting others to come and to know the Lord!

The text I hope to preach is Acts 17:16-32, which records Paul’s missionary experience in Athens, that proud seat of human learning. Paul saw that their city was full of idols and that they were very spiritual, but they were trying to worship an unknown god—even having an altar inscribed, “To the Unknown God.” He then proclaimed Jesus Christ to them. Pray that the people we invite will come, and that the Lord will help all of us to love our visitors and me to preach, and that he will pour out his grace upon us all!

379 … Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now
498 … Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners
646 … Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
648 … My Jesus, I Love Thee

With the love that is in Christ our Lord,

Prepare for September 14 Worship

From Pastor Paul to the Singing Saints of God:

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom 15:5-6, King James Version)

Here are the hymns we will sing this Lord’s Day “with one mind and one voice” because Christ has worked in us such harmony. Thus, singing is a living picture of the unity Christ grants his church, and we should take joyful singing very seriously!

Hymn 40 … God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength
Hymn 486 … God, Be Merciful to Me
Hymn 303 … Blessed Jesus, At Your Word
Hymn 25 … O Light That Knew No Dawn

Your servant for the sake of Christ,

Prepare for July 13 Worship

From Pastor Paul to the Worshiping Saints of God:

It is God’s commandment (from creation, Gen.2:3, and Mount Sinai, Exo.20:8-11) that we should set apart the Sabbath day. On it we are to turn toward God and away from everything else that usually captivates us. The Fourth Command begins, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” In the OT there was a meeting for worship (“a holy convocation”) commanded for all the people every Sabbath day:
Leviticus 23:1-3 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, These are the appointed feasts of the LORD that you shall proclaim as holy convocations; they are my appointed feasts. “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work. It is a Sabbath to the LORD in all your dwelling places.

In the New Testament the command and practice remain the same, never revoked, as demonstrated by the church in Troas:
Acts 20:7 On the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul talked with them, intending to depart on the next day, and he prolonged his speech until midnight. [Just like our services—Paul preached long and they celebrated the Lord’s Supper! Just like our services—someone fell asleep, but then poor Eutychus fell out the window, died and was, yes, “revivified,” and in a boring old worship service the power of Christ was surprisingly revealed.]
So, here are the hymns we will sing this Sabbath day in our holy convocation:

Hymn 2 … O Worship the King
Praise Songs
Hymn 302 … Come, Christians, Join to Sing
Hymn 543 … Around the Throne of God in Heaven

Your servant for the sake of Christ,