Many people would say that's the sound of a church service on any typical Sunday morning. Deadly boring... soapy platitudes... hypocritical denunciations... prudish warnings against anything real and deeply pleasurable... ranks of drowsy worshipers putting in their mandatory time in "God's house" before being released once more to life outside the dim stained glass, behind which they comfortably deposit most of their religion until the next weekend.

If that's Christianity, who wants it?

On the contrary, Christianity is a face-to-face reunion with God. Visit our "Eyewitnesses" section to read how Jesus Christ is wonderfully alive and busy in the world today, bringing people to life. As people believe in him and open their hearts and lives to him, they find that he is undeniably real, powerful, and good. Our earnest hope is that you also will become an eyewitness of his majesty.

Easter Hymns

Dear Singing Saints:

The Bible says that, as a Christian, you have already shared in Christ’s resurrection from the dead through your faith in him and the resulting union you have with him. This is being born again (John 3), becoming a new creation in him (2 Cor. 4, 5), passing from death into life because you have heard the voice of the Son of God call you from your grave (John 5), being made alive together with Christ (Eph. 2), being alive to God in Jesus Christ—and therefore we should “present ourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life” (Rom. 6:13).

The ultimate way to present yourself to God as alive from the dead is to gather with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day and to invoke Christ as Lord over you. If you do this on Lord’s Day by Lord’s Day, denying your flesh and publicly wearing the hated name “Christian,” confessing him before men, there will come a final Lord’s Day when Christ himself will invoke his own and his Father’s name over his assembled people, whose names are written in heaven, and we shall be saved. Assembling and worshiping Christ now is the best way to know you will share in that assembly and worship forever. It is dress rehearsal for the second coming.

And now for your parts! We will sing the hymns below to the resurrected Christ above:

282 … Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now
268 … Welcome, Happy Morning!
271 … Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem!
(Lord’s Supper) Gloria Patri

Your brother in Jesus,
Pastor Paul

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