Many people would say that's the sound of a church service on any typical Sunday morning. Deadly boring... soapy platitudes... hypocritical denunciations... prudish warnings against anything real and deeply pleasurable... ranks of drowsy worshipers putting in their mandatory time in "God's house" before being released once more to life outside the dim stained glass, behind which they comfortably deposit most of their religion until the next weekend.

If that's Christianity, who wants it?

On the contrary, Christianity is a face-to-face reunion with God. Visit our "Eyewitnesses" section to read how Jesus Christ is wonderfully alive and busy in the world today, bringing people to life. As people believe in him and open their hearts and lives to him, they find that he is undeniably real, powerful, and good. Our earnest hope is that you also will become an eyewitness of his majesty.

Eyewitnesses of His Majesty

2 Peter 1:16 says, “For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.”

Paul Browne

Paul Browne: Running from God
I grew up hearing the message of the Bible. My father was an army chaplain and a pastor, so we always went to church and pretty frequently had family devotions where all of us kids were taught from the Bible, and we prayed together as a family. I was entirely convinced that all of us are sinners rightly condemned by God, but that God had made a peace plan, sending his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to save us. I believed that accepting Jesus Christ as Lord was the only way we could ever be pardoned of our sins, escape eternal punishment, and once more know God as our loving Father.

This was what I was convinced of intellectually, and as a kid I had a pretty good mind. The problem was that, while my mind was good, my heart was bad. The very things that Jesus told me not to do were the things I wanted very much to do. The thought of bowing down to Jesus Christ as my Lord and submitting to him all my obedience was extremely distasteful. Unbearable. So I didn’t. [read on]

What about you?
Do you also want to become an eyewitness of Christ’s majesty? Do you want to know his transforming love and a transformed life?
New life and true freedom exist only in a restored relationship with God. The God of love has demonstrated that he is eager to restore this relationship with us if we will do the following:

• Acknowledge the truth about ourselves.
How can this most central of all relations be made new if we keep suppressing the truth and living in denial? Acknowledge God as the always present, infinite, eternal, holy, just Being in whose presence you have sinned times without number. You have broken his Ten Commandments in your thoughts, in your words, and in your actions. Your love for him and for others has been riddled with selfishness. Confess the sins which have separated you from knowing and loving your Creator, and which caused him to withdraw his holy presence from your life. Simply speak to him, whether silently or audibly, and he will hear. This is the beginning of true prayer, and true prayer is the beginning of relationship with God.

• Acknowledge the truth of what God has done for us.
Because God is holy and just, he cannot simply overlook our sin and pretend it never happened. That is, while he is willing to forgive our sins, he cannot simply forget our sins. Instead, what he did was to provide a perfectly suitable substitute who suffered the death penalty of sin in our place. Now, in order to gain the benefit of his substitutionary death on the cross for sinners and be freed from hell yourself, you must believe in Jesus Christ.

• Walk in this truth.
That is, we cannot hold these truths as mere intellectual convictions. If our lives are not changed radically, we show that we really have not believed and received God’s offer of eternal life through Jesus Christ. If conviction of sin does not cause us at times to bow our heads with sorrow, if joy does not break in like sunshine through clouds when we cast our eyes once more to the healing cross where Jesus died for us, if obedience to God’s commandments does not become our new goal, then we are not walking in the truth and not walking with God.

This new life will involve many changes. Your willingness to reconfigure your life-style to the Christian pattern of life described in the Bible will be one of the chief evidences that your faith is genuine, not just a temporary or sentimental whim.

The Christian life involves the following:

• Christians pray regularly and frequently. It is how they speak to their Creator and Savior God, offering him worship, professing their gratitude, and making humble requests. Prayer is simply the natural response of a heart that has been turned from trusting in itself to trust in an infinitely greater power.

• So Christians must also listen to God speak to them. He has said that he will speak to his people from the Bible, so that the words written there are living and active and wonderful, ancient but ever new, informing and comforting and convicting us as the need may be. The Bible, in all that it says, is what we believe and obey.

• Christians also worship God together on the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, Sunday. They delight in hearing the Bible read and taught by his ministers, and in singing and praying to God with other believers. So you also, if you would live the new life, must find a church that recognizes the full authority of the Bible and there become involved and committed to the cause of Jesus Christ with other believers.

The shared life of those who love Jesus is one of the most wonderfully satisfying aspects of biblical Christians. We have published these testimonies so that you might also come in from the darkness and join with us in our community of life. Come, and welcome to the great unity we have believing in Jesus.

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