Sunday Worship

christian education for all ages … 9:30 am
morning worship … 10:45 am
evening worship … 6:00 pm

According to the Bible, the assembled worship services of God’s people on Sunday are the high point of Christian existence. Following the example and teaching of both Old and New Testaments, we gather together on the Lord’s appointed day, now the first day of the week, when Jesus was resurrected from the dead, to confess that we live all our days only by his grace.

The assembled worship services are where Christians most distinctively live out their true heavenly identity and in the presence of Christ are most powerfully transformed into his image. This is when believers entirely offer themselves without reservation to Christ as “living sacrifices.” This is when we live most completely in accord with one another so that even our voices blend as one in songs to Christ. These are the fullest dress rehearsals we have for that day when Christ will return and separate us out from unbelievers for eternal life. This is when we stock up and “fill our cupboards” with heavenly grace to get us through the week to come. As such, regular attendance at worship is a fundamental duty of church members and a great emphasis of the Christian life at New Life.

Come as you are, dressed however you feel you can best offer yourself to Christ without distracting yourself or others. We offer a nursery for children during the morning worship service.

To see what our usual morning worship service looks like, look at our latest bulletin here.